Matt Warshaw wrote a book called Encyclopedia of Surfing. It was huge and informative, sold well, and got excellent reviews. Then he did a book called History of Surfing, and ditto. Way before that, he wrote Above the Roar, which was all Q&A pieces with surfers. It was self-published and cute and vanished without a trace.

Warshaw turned the Encyclopedia of Surfing into a website and lo, it was good. History of Surfing followed, then Above the Roar. Three websites, linked up, a digital power trio, heavy and awesome, like Cream but without all the inter-band fighting.

For ease of reference the whole three-site deal is still called Encyclopedia of Surfing. It is a subscription-only service: all three sites for $3.00 a month. Three bucks. Less than a latte. No ads . . .  like zero fucking ads. Be gone, corporate logos and banners and popups! Fully viewer supported, and it is an active, happy, well-stoked community of viewers indeed.

We are also a fully registered 501(c)3. Tax-deductible, all day long.

Matt Warshaw grew up in Southern California. In the ’70s he was on the Zephyr surf team. In the ’80s he was a second-rate pro surfer, then later became editor of SURFER magazine. In the ’90s he freelanced articles to the Wall Street Journal, Esquire, the New York Times, Outside, and Interview. In the ’00s he wrote all those books mentioned above, and in the ’10s he became Surf Consultant for the Oxford English Dictionary. Look it up! Warshaw lives in Seattle, Washington.