An Explosion of Talent

Mark Occhilupo. Photo: Larry Moore
Gary Elkerton (left), 1983. Photo: Hugh McLeod
Gary Elkerton, 1988
Damien Hardman, 1988
Richard Cram, 1983

Depth of talent has always been Australia’s greatest strength as a surfing nation, and this was certainly true during Tom Carroll’s long world-tour career. Barton Lynch and Damien Hardman were the era’s best tacticians, and each won a world championship during the 1980s, with Hardman picking up a second title in 1991. Then there was Glen Winton, a rubber-jointed goofyfooter; Richard Cram and his sledging forehand cutback; Nicky Wood, Mark Richards’ godson, who won the 1986 Bells event—his wor...