Fresh Blood on the Newsstand

Detail from Tracks cover, 1970
Witzig (left) and Falzon, Tracks office, early '70s
Tracks cover, 1974

Tracks magazine, an oversized Sydney-made newsprint monthly, made its debut in 1970, and was very much of a piece with Morning of the Earth. Before Tracks, Aussie surf publishing had been a cheaper, traced-over version of Surfer. Everybody knew what a surf magazine was supposed to look like: an interview, a travel piece, a contest feature, a how-to column, and lots of action photography. Even the newly groovy Surfer didn’t mess around with this basic format. Tracks broke the rules with issue ...

Tracks had lots of surf shots, but just as many photos of smiling hippie kids, bare-breasted girlfriends, senior citizens, and sundry farm animals.