The Rubberman Cometh

Larry Bertlemann. Photo: Lance Trout
Larry Bertlemann. Photo: Dan Merkel
Bertlemann. Photo: Drew Kampion
Larry Bertlemann. Photo: Larry Moore
Larry Bertlemann. Photo: Lou Perez

Apart from their surfing, Jeff Hakman and Barry Kanaiaupuni, like most surfers from Hawaii, were low-key and unassuming. Both rode plain white or single-color boards. Neither had an eye for fashion. Duly taking their turn under the surf media spotlight, they came off as friendly and earnest and middle-of-the-road. This was standard operated procedure for the Hawaiians: play it cool, and let your surfing do the talking. Duke Kahanamoku never flaunted it. Neither did George Downing or Paul Stra...