Kaipo Jaquias

Kauai, 1993

My dad always said he surfed better than me. I hated him, so that’s why I got to be better than him.

Matt Warshaw interviewed Kaipo Jaquias in 1993. Quotes from the interview were used in “Kauai Boy: Kaipo Jaquias” a profile from the May 1994 issue of SURFER. Jaquias was 22.

 *  *  *

You grew up on the east side of Kauai?

Yeah, in Lihui and Hanamalu. 

What was that like?

I came from the ghetto; the Hawaiian ghetto. I grew up in a house where you could see through the floor, down to the ground. I had a hard life growing up. A lot of conflict. My Dad’s this local guy, kind of crazy; lots of dr...