Drew Kampion interviewed Dick Brewer for the October 1971 issue of SURFER. "Brewer is one of surfing's great contradictory characters," Kampion later wrote, "at once vague and precise, pragmatic and philosophical, self-absorbed and spiritual." Brewer was 35 when he talked with Kampion.  
John "Doc" Ball was interviewed a number of times during the 1990s by surfing historians Malcolm Gault-Williams and Gary Lynch. Some of the quotes below were used in "Window to the Soul" (SURFER, October 1990, Lynch), "Doc Ball: Through the Master's Eye" (Longboard, August 1998, Gault-Williams and Lynch), and "Doc Ball: Surfing's First Dedicated Photographer" (Legendary Surfers, Gault-Williams). Ball died in 2001, at age 94.   
Hugh Bradner was a UC Berkeley physicist in 1951 when he heard about bubble-filled rubber called neoprene, which he believed could be used to make underwater suits for Navy divers. He designed and built some prototype "wetsuits" (the Navy was already using tightly sealed "drysuits"), but the military showed no interested, and Bradner never followed through on patenting his idea. A Southern California surfer-diver named Bev Morgan came upon Bradner's wetsuit blueprints in 1952, and soon brought the new product to market; in decades to come, Bradner was largely forgotten. Bradner was 72 in 1988, and teaching at UC San Diego, when Janny Scott profiled him in the Los Angeles Times. 
Jim Banks was 36 when he did this interview with Australian surf writer Tim Baker. The Q&A sections here were part of a longer profile piece titled "The Never-Ending Journey of Jim Banks," which ran in the Summer 1996 issue of Surfer's Journal.   
"The Secret to Making the Cover, $80,000 a Year, and 360s: Or why Larry Bertlemann Had to Have His Phone Disconnected and Other Startling Facts about Surfing’s Rubberman," ran in the December 1979 issue of Surfer magazine. It was written by Phil Jarratt. Bertlemann was 24 years old.   
"Conversations: Larry Blair," written by Drew Kampion, ran in the April 1980 issue of Surfing magazine. This version has been edited and slightly shortened.   
"Hard Look, Soft Touch: Michael Burness Steps Out of the Shadows," by Matt Warshaw, ran in the May 1988 issue of SURFER Magazine. Burness was 26.  
Matt Warshaw interviewed Ronnie Burns in late 1986, for a SURFER profile that ran the following year titled "Actions Speak." Burns was 23.  
Shane Beschen was 25 when he talked to Derek Rielly, at Grajagan, in 1997. Their interviewed ran in the September 1997 issue of Australia's Surfing Life, and was titled "The Young Man and the Sea."
Tom Blake was 87 when he recorded a long interview with Gary Lynch. Quotes were used in a 1989 SURFER Magazine profile titled Tom Blake: Beyond the Horizon. Blake's quotes here have been shortened and edited from the original transcript. 
"Warren Bolster: Focused on the Energy," an uncredited interview, ran in the September 1977 issue of SURFER. Bolster was 29 years old.  
Matt Warshaw recorded this interview with Wayne Bartholomew in San Francisco, in 1993, when Bartholomew was 38. Quotes were used in a profile titled "Odyssey," which ran in the Winter 1993 issue of Surfer's Journal.   
The quotes below are taken from the following magazine articles: "Wendy Botha" (SURFER, August 1988), "Leaders: Wendy Botha" Surfing, November 1988), "The Human Touch" (SURFER, January 1989), and "Post-Modern Surf Femme" (SURFER, June 1989.