Alby Falzon was 51 when he was interviewed by Ira Opper at Falzon's Central Coast, NSW, home. Portions of this interview were used in the 1997 Surfer's Journal TV series 50 Years of Surfing on Film.   
"Johnny Fain of Malibu," by Denny Aaberg, ran in the Spring 1998 issue of Surfer's Journal. All quotes featured here are from that article.   
Originally published in the March 1969 issue of SURFER as "Midget Farrelly: Man Goes to the Ocean." Farrelly was 25, and had just finished runner-up to Fred Hemmings in the 1968 world championships. Drew Kampion did the interview.  
Alison Smith interviewed Neridah Falconer of Australia for a profile titled "A Time to Shine," which ran in the October 2000 issue of Surfing Girl. Falconer was 29.  
This no-byline article originally ran as "This is Skip Frye" in the February 1966 issue of Surfing magazine. Frye was 24 years old. 
"Terry Fitzgerald: Perceptive Exploration," by Drew Kampion, ran in the March 1973 issue of SURFER. Fitzgerald was 22 years old.