This interview, written by Matt Warshaw, ran in the August 1987 issue of SURFER, under the title "Brad Gerlach: Talk Show." Gerlach was 21 at the time.
Quotes from this interview with Gary Green were used in Matt Warshaw's "True Shades of Green" profile, which ran in the January 1988 issue of SURFER. Green was 24 years old. A few weeks after this interview was recorded, Green, rated #6 in the world, quit the pro tour.
Matt Warshaw interview LeRoy Grannis in 1994 for a Los Angeles magazine article titled "When Malibu Ruled." Grannis was 77.  
This interview was recorded by Drew Kampion, and ran in the May 1970 issue of SURFER, under the title "Margo Godfrey: Karma, Rhythm, and Another Side." Oberg, winner of the 1968 World Championships and about to defend her title in the 1970 Championships, was 17 when she sat down with Kampion.  
I don't have permission to use this. Randy Nuart is saving it for his book on Griffin.   This is an edited and shortened transcript from an interview John Grady did with Rick Griffin in 1989, in Sonoma, California  
Portions of this interview, recorded by Matt Warshaw in 1987, ran in February 1988 issue of SURFER, in an article titled "Sunny Garcia: Storm Watch." Garcia was 17 when this conversation took place.