Originally published as "Billy Hamilton at a Glance" in the August, 1968, issue of Petersen's Surfing. No author credit, but probably written either by editor Dick Graham or associate editor Duke Boyd. At the time of this interview, Hamilton, originally from Laguna Beach, was 20, newly married, and living on the North Shore of Oahu.  
Quotes from this interview were used in "Cloud Nine: Cheyne Horan Continues to Stretch His Mind, Body and Spirit," a profile written by Matt Warshaw and published in the August 1990 issue of SURFER, when Horan was 29. Two years earlier, a SURFER profile written Matt George left the impression that Horan, who was then living in an all-male commune near Byron Bay, was gay.
This 1970 interview with Dru Harrison ran Surfing World, Volume 14 No. 6. No author credit is given, but it was likely written by either SW editor publisher Bob Evans or editor John Hogan. The interview took place during the 1970 world championships, which were held in Victoria; Harrison was 20 years old.  
Jack Haley was one of a dozen surfers interviewed for a Surf Guide magazine feature titled "Huntington Beach: a Pier, its Pilings, and a Personality." The article ran in the December 1964 issue; Haley was 29 years old.  
Originally published in the May 1971 issue of SURFER, with the title "Jeff Hakman: the Ultimate Flash?" No author credit, but probably written by either Drew Kampion or Steve Pezman.   
Interview taken from "The Album of John Hannon," published in the April 1966 issue of Surfing.  
Jim Kempton profiled Joyce Hoffman for the December 1994 issue of Longboard magazine; all quotes here are pulled from that article. Hoffman was 47.   
Drew Kampion interview California surfing pioneer Lorrin "Whitey" Harrison for Surfing magazine in 1982. Harrison was 69 years old.  
"In Trim: Mike Hynson," written by Scott Hulet, ran in the Winter 1993 issue of Longboard magazine. Hynson was 51 years old.  
Ben Marcus interviewed Walter Hoffman and Dick Metz about the origins of surf trunks. Hoffman, a pioneering big-wave surfer, was the scion to Hoffman Fabrics, the company that would later supply materials to nearly every surfwear company in America. Metz was a key figure in the Hobie Surfboards empire, and later founded the Surfing Heritage and Culture Center. This interview was recorded in 2005.