Al Merrick was 62 when he and writer Michael Kew recorded this interview in 2005. Portions were used in "You Can Call Me Al: in the Court of Al Merrick," which ran in the January 2006 issue of TransWorld Surf.
The quotes below are excerpted from "More Than My Share: Bev Morgan Stories and Photos," which ran in the February 2007 issue of Surfer's Journal. Morgan was then 74.  
Derek Rielly talked with Bobby Martinez in 2012, not long after Martinez, following a live-streamed expletive-filled rant about the state of pro surfing, quit the world tour. He was 28. This interview ran in Stab issue #62, as part of a larger feature titled "Bobby's Closing Statement."
Chris Carter (yes, that Chris Carter) interviewed Greg Mungall for the November 1981 issue of Surfing. Mungall was 25 years old.
"Apocalypse Now—Surfing in the Mekong Delta: an Interview with John Milius" ran in the February 1980 issue of SURFER. Two years earlier, Milius had directed the Hollywood surf epic Big Wednesday; this interview was published during the release of Apocalypse Now, for which Milius wrote the screenplay.  
"Conversations: Kim Mearig," written by Sam George, ran in the October 1984 issue of Surfing; Mearig was the reining world tour champion.  
Mike Doyle interviewed Linda Merrill for the November 1963 issue of Surf Guide. The articled was titled "Linda Merrill: Femininity Plus!"  
Matt Warshaw recorded this interview with Pauline Menczer, some of which was used in "Against the Tide," a Lisa Andersen profile that ran in the March 1996 issue of Live magazine. Menczer, the 1994 world champion, was 25.  
Charles "Snow" McAlister was Australia's national surfing champion for three years running, starting in 1925. He remained a beloved fixture on Sydney beaches well into the 1980s. The quotes below are taken from his "Surfing With Snow" column, written for Surfing World magazine in 1964  
"Bazooka: Tom Morey Fires Back into the Past, Forward into the Future," written by Morey, was published in the January 1992 issue of The Surfer's Journal. This version has been shortened and edited. Morey was 56 at the time of writing.