For a 1986 Surfing magazine profile, Sam George interviewed Dave Parmenter and also accompanied the third-year world tour pro to many of that year's contests. "With all his eccentricities," George wrote in his intro, "Dave Parmenter may be the most interesting surfer in the world." Parmenter was 24 at the time. Two years later, while still at the top of his game, he left the tour to become a full-time boardmaker.
This interview ran in the June 1965 issue of Surfing Illustrated, and was recorded just a few weeks before Felipe Pomar, 22, won the 1965 World Surfing Championships, in Peru. 
Quotes from this interview by Matt Warshaw were used for a 1996 Surfer's Journal articled titled "Green on Blue: Kelly Slater’s Million Dollar Deal, and Other Thoughts on Surfing for Hire." Propper was 49 years old.   
Bill Cleary interviewed John Peck for the November 1963 issue of Surf Guide. Peck was 19.   
This Surfing World interview with Keith Paull ran in 1967, when Paull was 21. One year later he won the Australian National Titles.   
Originally published in a 1975 issue of Tracks, not long after the Coca-Cola Surfabout, in which the 23-year-old Peterson failed to defend his '74 title. Tracks editor Phil Jarratt did the interview.
This article, simply titled "Tandem," ran in the April 1966 issue of Surfing. Editor Dick Graham did the interview. A few months later, Pete Peterson and partner Barrie Algaw won tandem division of the 1966 World Championships in San Diego.