This interview, recorded by Phil Jarratt, was originally published in a 1977 issue of Tracks magazine. Raymond was 22 at the time.  
Bill Cleary interviewed cartoonist and custom car icon Ed "Big Daddy" Roth in 1966. Roth, creator of the wildly popular bulging-eyed Rat Fink character, had just scored a novelty hit with his Surfer's Cross pendant, which replicated a German military bravery medal. It was reported that 24,000 Surfer's Cross units were being shipped daily to variety stores across the nation. Roth's newest creation was a plastic copy of German Wehrmacht iron helmet. "You know,” Roth said in a Time magazine interview, “that Hitler did a helluva public relations job for me.” Cleary's interview with Roth, titled "The Sign of the Kook," ran in the September 1966 issue of SURFER. Roth was 35 years old.  
This interview, recorded by Chris Mauro, ran in the February 2005 issue of SURFER. Robb was 27 years old.  
Matt Warshaw interviewed Mark Richards in 1994. Quotes were used in "Stayin' Alive: 1976 and the Birth of Professional Surfing," which ran in the Spring 1995 issue of Surfer's Journal. Richards was 37 years old.