Matt Warshaw recorded this interview with Jack Shipley in 1994. Quotes were used in "Stayin' Alive: 1976 and the Birth of the World Professional Surfing Circuit," published in the Spring 1995 issue of Surfer's Journal. Shipley was 53 at the time.
This interview by Drew Kampion originally ran in the January 1971 issue of SURFER, and was titled "In the Pope's Living Room With Jock Sutherland." Sutherland was 22, and halfway through his Army training. 
Matt Warshaw interviewed John Severson in 1995. Quotes from this conversation were used in "Articles of Faith: 35 Years of Surf Magazines," which ran in the Spring 1996 issue of Surfer's Journal.   
Mark Sainsbury, 21, was the newly-crowned amateur world champion when he did this interview with Nick Carroll. A slightly longer version ran in the March 1987 issue of Surfing.  
"In Trim: Paul Strauch," by Chris Ahrens, was orignally published in the June 1995 issue of Longboard magazine. Strauch was 51.