"First Person: Donald Takayama" was recorded by Scott Hulet, and published in the December 2008 issue of Surfer's Journal. Takayama was 65 years old.  
Matt Warshaw interviewed Florida's Mike Tabeling in late 2014, four weeks before Tabeling died of kidney cancer, at age 65
Matt Warshaw interviewed Peter Townend for three Surfer's Journal articles in the 1990s: one on Wayne Bartholomew, another on the early days of pro surfing, and one of pro surfing near the end of the century. This Q&A pulls from all three conversations.  
Phil Jarratt's profile on Shaun Tomson was published in the December 1978 issue of SURFER, titled "Shaun at the Crossroads." Tomson was 22. Most of Jarratt's article was written in profile format, but some was presented as Q&A.