"Viewpoint: Nat Young" ran in the January 1967 issue of Surfing magazine. It was recorded by editor Dick Graham, the day after Young won the 1966 World Championships in San Diego. Young was 18.  
Nat Young of Australia, world champion in 1966 at age 18, made a return to competitive surfing in 1974, for the Coca-Cola Surfabout event in Sydney—with it's purse of $7,000, the Coke was the second-richest contest held that year, after the Smirnoff Pro-Am. Young, 27—ancient by standards of the time—finished 3rd in the event, and surprised onlookers by donating his $600 winnings to the Labour Party. He spoke with Phil Jarratt a few months later. This interview was originally published in Tracks magazine as "Nat Young: Fire on the Mountain."  
Michael Kew interviewed Renny Yater in 2005, when Yater was 73.